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released January 1, 2011




Cities & States Salem, Massachusetts

Cities & States' sophomore album, aptly named "Sophomore Slump", is a massive work displaying the breadth of Richard's palette, Sinnatamby's engineering mastery, and Bickerton's command of the kit. This collaboration has revealed a palpable necessity for expression, and a greater need for exploring the far corners of an endless musical landscape. Step inside their world with "Ambulance Racer"! ... more

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Track Name: Perfume
The race is a long ways away
So lay in the whippoorwill shade and kiss me

Your face is a new memory
Of only a few that will be, remembered

Don't you agree---
Or do I have to wait and see?

The scent of your peppermint gum
Against the perfume of your lungs is magic

And your love is a permanent gain
Elixir for every pain and sadness

But how can I rest,
When my heart's always clenched in a fist?
Track Name: Twenty Something
I'll be in the basement with antiques and fumes
and you still consider space a storage room
I turned the attic into a cloud of sun
I know that heat rises and that's just half the fun

Yeah, I'm twenty-something

I wear old tennis shoes and open the garage
sneak a couple-a puffs of something against the law
I need an apartment, I need an apartment of my own
to paint the walls a different shade of home.

Twenty, twenty-something
Track Name: Wooden Trees
It's as if all of history has heated and burst
And in that great flame came a new universe
One with the element of danger removed
No chance of life if the plants don't take root

And you would tell me
That you were lucky
And you were lovely
'Til you sent me away

Sunlight chips paint off the old wooden trees
And there at your shrine I appear on my knees
Pulling out teeth with a hand grenade
'Til the pin finally pops in its usual way

I'm at a crossroad
Of untapped potential
I'll try to handle
The rest of my days
Track Name: Till Then
Strawberry chocolate and a bottle of champagne,
Homemade sangria that we drank on your birthday,
Romantic island--just the two of us in bed,
Allergic reaction makes you smack your forehead.

Whoever quotes these things, well here's another one,
You cannot force the earth to swing around the sun,
And whatever happens has a way of working out,
Even true love lies in the shadow of a doubt.

But I won't give up, even if I'm dead,
I'll find a tear in the universal thread,
And we'll be together again.

I take for granted all the contents of my heart,
Until I'm inside-out and conscious of each part,
I only get to lay beside you in my thoughts,
Till I'm beside myself, you're all the will I've got.

These tiny memories exploded in my dreams,
And then I woke up captain of the losing team,
I wouldn't blame you if you walked another road,
Just keep the key in case you find your way back home.

'Cause I won't lock the door, or take away your plate,
I'll let the candle burn until it's late,
Girl I've got the time to wait....

I wouldn't mind if you stole my affection,
It's already yours truth be told,
And when you're prepared to complete the collection,
Let me be the fool to make you whole.
Track Name: Lemonade
I didn't take your pictures down
So much as they put themselves away
And I got all kinds of strange ideas
That's where they're gonna stay

In a box buried underneath my porch
or in an old pair of jeans I never wear
I could name a million places
To get that girl out of my hair

And the next cool breeze to blow through town
Might hold your hand or make you sick
And you won't remember, no not one bit
That these were all the things I did

Or maybe you will and it's too bad
We had to call it quits so quick
Oh well--that's life, you make your choices
and die by the ones you can't live with

Mostly I'm happy being two-thirds free,
and my glass might be half-empty
but that's the way it's supposed to be.

When I lay that bow to the violin
Now who do you think I'm playing to?
I'll give you one stab so make your move,
But I'll tell you it's not me or you

'Cause you gave me up to have your own
I didn't thank you for the passing grade
I just picked up my guitar
and turned it into lemonade

And it's just like the movies grandma saw
When color was still black and white
And the story fit the hour
So you'd know it ended right

Oh well--ha ha, the joke's on me
I've never been the kind of man
To pull the plug and plant new seeds
But the earth is bad in the promised land

Maybe I'm just sorry about it, or ill at ease,
But I could use some company
From someone a bit more like me
Track Name: Baby Steps
Baby steps to the corner store I wonder
How far away I am now from my home
Lady holds my hand and it's my mother
Glad am I to never be alone.

Carriage in the grocery, I am rider
My horse is full of vegetables and fruit
After that we play follow the leader
I always knew the game was follow you.

Tie your laces tight and keep on walking,
Past the point you think the road will end,
Build the blocks up higher than you have to,
You might need a lift somewhere ahead.

Cut the cord when I was a teenager
Kicked the door in just to make a hole
No matter how I simplify the moment
I can't begin to simplify my soul.

I pretend I never was a child
Out I came the man I am today
But lately I've been someone else's baby--
You can't lay down when love gets in the way.

Track Name: Dr. Drugs
Will you be the one to hear me knocking at your door?
Something in your eye says you don't love me anymore

Up the stairs and 'round the bend you're walking down the hall
Past the frames where pictures hang like static on the wall

Oh, I can't think about you
But at least I can still drink without you

Down the drain my days are slowly blending into one
Twisting all my insides until I'm completely spun

Could it be that everyone is crazy just like me?
When broken down the pieces don't recover easily

Oh, I can't think about you
But at least I can still drink without you
Oh, I still cry about you
but at least I can get high without you
Track Name: Marquee
I could've been rich,
If I sold my shoes for a place on the marquee.
Lights wired to a switch
And tied to the top of a downtown taxi.

I never thought much,
About my future fame or welfare.
Why dwell on the waste?
The blank white spaces you never can see there.

You sign your name on the line,
You're thrown in a box and marginalized,
Your picture in magazines,
Of places you like to eat,
You got a girlfriend and three ex-wives,
A house by the sea and a long lost child,
But no one was there when you died,
At least you were living the life.

Nights out on the town,
Drinks on the table and eyes on the crowd.
Sights ruled by the sound,
Of twelve-year-old girls clapping way too loud.

Trite and full of regret,
I'm stereo-typically washed out as water.
Bites fresh as a fish,
And the teeth marks remain as the times get harder.

Track Name: Ancient Ruin
Open your eyes, look for the morning sun
I tried, I tried but I think I'm going blind
Tell me what is the secret to doing this thing right
I tried, I tried but I always miss the light.

Spent half of your life on the edge of something
Your highs and lows pouring out like a fountain
It could be you or I coming home in a cruiser
While the other's on the sidewalk sitting like a loser.

But you don't know where I've been.